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Punta Licosa
Punta Licosa 18 km A pine forest and pristine clear blue sea framed by coves of wild beauty make this site a little paradise for divers and naturalists. The remains of a Roman villa and submerged in a tub for the breeding of eels.
Castellabate 11 km Perched on top of a hill, the country maintains the charm of the medieval village. Deserve menzionela Basilica of Santa Maria de Gulia, the late Romanesque bell tower, the mansions and the eighteenth-century chapels, Palazzo Belmonte and Villa Matarazzo.
A 114 Km The Charterhouse of San Lorenzo in Padula is the largest monastic monument of Southern Italy, the works for its construction began in 1306 at the behest of Thomas Sanseverino and lasted until the end of the eighteenth century.
The archaeological area, 7 km from the hotel Founded by Greek colonists in the early sixth century. BC with the name of Poseidon, has three beautiful temples dorico.Degno order to visit the Archaeological Museum.
Velia - Archaeological excavations
Velia, the ancient Elijah known for the Eleatic school of philosophy founded by Parmenides and Zeno. In the archaeological are: buildings of the Hellenistic and Imperial Baths Hadrian, the Agora and the famous Porta Rosa, the only example of a round arch of Ancient Greece.